Trade Partners Rebooking Request Form

Trade Partners Rebooking Request Form

If your client holds a Future Travel Credit (FTC) or an existing booking is affected by the federal government international travel restrictions, and your client wishes to modify his/her booking, please fill the form below.

For departure until 17 September 2021, Club Med offers your client the following date change options when your client’s booking is affected by the Australian or New Zealand Government international travel restriction.  

a) Rebook 2022 holiday at your 2020 or 2021 price: Book a like-for-like holiday (land or package with flights) May to October to the same resort, with the same dates, booking party, and seasonality and we will match your client’s original land price.

The offer applies to rebook 2020/2021 holiday to 2022 departure between the months of May to October for all Club Med resorts.

This offer is subject to local or international seasonality changes, such as Public Holidays, Chinese Golden Week, School Holidays or other such seasonal dates, a suitable alternative will be provided, likely (flexibility of 7 days before or after original check in date) which do not fall within blackout periods, airline fees and other transport and services are at the client’s own expense.

The rebooking of your holiday must be complete by 31st August 2021. Subject to resort availability or until sold out.

b) One free change to a different date or resort. New travel date must be completed by the following dates:

 – by 30 April 2022 for Club Med mountain resorts within the Ski season5.

 – by 31 October 2022 for Club Med beach and countryside resorts5.

Any additional costs for any applicable airline/other transportation/services charges relating to the travel date/destination change shall be payable by your client. A $50 per person amendment fee will apply when any further changes are made however they must still fall within the above-mentioned departure dates.

If the amended booking is of lesser value from the original booking, the difference in pricing shall be refunded to your client only in the form of credits to be used within one year of the amended departure date. If the amended booking is of a greater value than the original booking, your client will be required to pay for the new price and any other pricing variances due.

After your client has exercised the one free change, please note that the Club Med Standard Booking Terms & Conditions shall apply to any further changes.